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I have a '89 Wrangler (258) w/5 speed manual tranny. I'm looking to put
a 2 inch body lift on the jeep. One of the steps is to remove the outter and
inner shift boot (the same piece has both the tranny and transfer case boots).
The outter boot came off without a hitch. The inner boot is more difficult since the 5 speed manual stick has a bulb twords the bottom (above the inner boot). How can I remove the inner boot without destroying it?


Bob Knier


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With a 2" lift you can probably leave the boot there. If it makes it hard to shift then take it out. I'd wait til then. I left mine on with my 3" body lift but removed it when I added a 1" transfer case drop. As far as removing it without damaging it, I can't help you- I cut mine off. Good luck,

Nick Hagen
1995 Wrangler
33" Mud Tires and a four banger

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You have to remove the shift levers off of the stubs to get the inner boot off. I did this on my 95 YJ. The 4wd lever was the easiest because I could get to the tabs that hold it on. The shift lever is held on with a similar arrangement, but its hard to get all the way up to the tabs. I ended up prying it part of the way off and hammering it the rest of the way.

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