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Information, Please: How much fluid do I need?

Well, actually, how much fluid does my 1972 Commando need? I am well aware of how much I need.

It has the 258 engine and three speed transmission. It has been out of service for some time and I’ve just got over the hurdle of securing a title and registration.

Now I want to drain and replace the coolant and lubricants in the engine and all of the gear cases?

So what amount, type, and weight is needed in each location?

And, if anyone can steer me to a source of shop manuals for this crusty old crate I would be very grateful, and would not need to ask such basic questions.


Joe Stephenson

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First, welcome to the board. So you have a '72 with a 258? You should go to the "My Home" link and in the personal info section fill out your profile with your Bullnoses info and any modifications to help people replying to you know who their talking to and what your driving. As for the coolant you shouldnt have any freezing problems in Albuquerque NM so I'd just go get 2 gallons of coolant and do a plain mix of 50/50 coolant and water. You will probably end up with a little coolant left over. As for the axles and transfer case just fill with gear oil until it spills back out the fill hole. I know that the Kaiser Jeepster model shop manual can be found on ebay every now and then. Theres a CD-ROM you can get on the AJC classifieds.
Acording to my '69 manual the transfer case needs 3 1/4 pints SAE-90, Axles 2 1/2 pints SAE-80.
Hope I was some help.

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I bought a gallon and 2 pints of gear oil when I did mine from end to end- had some left over for future use, and added evil lucas oil additive as well- instant quietness, weather it destroys it or not, we`ll have to see. 80-140 for me, peanut butter in winter, but I like it. Thou shalt buy a tube to go from the googoo can to the filler hole- if you dont, you`ll soon discover how hard it is to get that pointy gear grease can up into the filler hole...gravity sucks, but only if its pointing down. I fill mine from inside the cab.

The rule of thumb for engine oil is a quart per cylinber,+ filter, but I believe the 258 is a 5 quart monster, depending on the oil pan, and filter size. Buy a case, you`ll use it up eventually.

anyway, always buy more than you need anyway-- it dont go bad, your bound to spill some(do I hear laughter? yes I do), and it looks neat sitting on the shelf.

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I've been around for some time, but not posting much. I've already plugged my Commando's data into your data base. By the way, how do I access the data base in order to see what's out there.

My buggy is very original and reputedly has gone fewer than 10,000 miles. I have no way of telling if this is accurate, but from the way it sounds and drives I certainly think it has not been driven much. It was a S&R vehicle for many years, and thus did a lot of sitting and waiting for someone to get themselves into trouble. In Blaine County, New Mexico, there aren’t lashing of folks to need rescuing. It’s a sparsely populated area.

And, don’t overlook the ability of New Mexico to get cold. The record low in Albuquerque is 30 below. Right now our nightly lows are in the teens and single digits are not uncommon at all. Now, how do I get that heater to work?

Thanks to all for the advice.


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