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I have decided that the 5.12 R&P is the ratio that will suite me best for running 31/33's with my

The problem that I have is, are these gears made for the zuk 3rd member that are not modified via
welding or require modification.

If a sidekick 3rd member is required, which one (front/rear) and what parts are required for the 3rd
member swap.

I am looking for a low buck solution.



you have one or two options:
/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif get 2 front R&P's
/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif or if you get the shells to you can just match them right on up and slide them in (front for the front and back for the back!)

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ok, I think I can answer some of your question, but I'm not sure about the whole thing.
First off, the R&P's from the front kick/tracker third member will work in the sami axle housing. There is no welding that needs to be done, but there are a few extra parts that are needed in order to keep the pins off the gears and the proper pressure on the gears once they are installed. Now if you want, for the rear you could cut the axle tubes off the sami and kick/tracker housings and weld the sami tubes to the kick/tracker third housing and use the rear kick/tracker third member with the gears in it. I hope that is enough info for you. I know most of the venders sell a kit for installing the kick/tracker 5:12's so you may wanna call around. has the kit. Good luck

You can get the install kits from Spidertrax.They have them in will need to use the bearings and retainers from the kick housing also,if they are good.All the ones ive taken apart looked like new!

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Thank you folks for all of the information.

Based on the information posted and what is forsale by vendors and parts
availablilty I posed the question on sidekick rear diffs being used on a zuk.

You-pull yards sell diffs for about 52.99 plus a core charge vs the cost of
a R&P set and install kits and adapter kits. I was thinking about getting
a sidekick front and rear and another zuk front for around 180 with tax.
(they go quick, the pricer places have them for 125 each) and a drive shaft.
To this add the SPOA that I have, driveshaft spacers and with luck it will

PS: Did sidekicks ever come from the factory with lockers/limited units in the
rear. I had a 99 coil zuk in belize for two weeks that had limited slip units
from the factory in the front and back, amazing creature.

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