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$4,000 added purse!

July 11th is our first INDOOR ROCK RACE less than 2 weeks out

Garland County Fair Grounds
4831 Malvern Road
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Directions and website: Directions

MOROC Website:
Event Flier/poster/billboards: MOROC Extreme Off Road Racing • View topic - event advertising

Spectators read this:

Adults $20
Kids 12 and Under FREE
Lots of Vendors to meet (souvinirs, food, drink, energy drinks, beer, parts and equipment, vehicles, etc)
come early to get autograghs of the teams.
Free raffles. The earlier you come, the more chances you have at winning. Win MOROC merchandise, sponsor and vendor products and shirts, hats, freesbies, toys, and so much more!

VENDORS read this:

Vendor registration from 9-11.
All vendors must be set-up by noon
All vendor fees are added to the total purse of the teams. So far, we have $4,000 raised!

Vendor fees
10x10 booth $300
10x20 booth $500
for bigger booths call

TEAMS read this:

Team registration
Friday 5-7pm
Saturday 9-noon

Team/class event fees:
UTV $30
OEM $75
Unlimited $100

The modified and Super-Modified classes have been combined for the indoor races. This decision was made to attain larger payouts for the event July 11th. This new class is called the OEM class. This is the only event this change will affect. All teams are eligable and no further mods are needed for the vehicles. Just make sure the rigs have all the normal safety specifications and the team members all have proper safety equipment (pro status).

What this means for Series race teams. Any teams affected by this change, will only be affected for this event. The scoring procedure for the series pertaining to this event will change to reflect times of individual classes. In otherwords, If Louie Keener (mod) wins first and Jarred Engelbach (SM) wins 2nd, both teams will win 1st place when scoring series points.

If you plan on racing, you must contact me on or before FRIDAY, July 10th, to let me know if your racing. All teams must tech in friday night from 5-7pm or Saturday from 9am-noon. There are no late entries. There is a limit of 20 teams in each class.

To register, you need to include the following:
1. driver first and last name
2. co-driver first and last name
3. spotter first and last name
4. team name
5. vehicle number
6. city and state
7. Vehicle class

ALL OEM AND UNLIMITED TEAMS MUST ACQUIRE PRO STATUS TO RACE IN THIS EVENT. THAT MEANS, FIRE SUITS, NECK BRACES, 3/4 FACE HELMETS, 4-POINT MINIMUM HARNESSES, AND BATTERY SHUT-OFF SWITCH. Window nets not required, but still encouraged. If your rig is equipped for them already, you need to use them.

UTV Class
1. Matt Enochs & Sarah Graham of Team Nasty driving a Polaris RZR (Alvord, Tx)
2. Kyle Boggs & Dan Capranica of team Boggs Racing driving a Polaris RZR (Oak Grove, MO)
3. Ben Garrison and Troy Ranken of Boobicon Racing/Pringle Fab #27 (Spring texas) driving a Polaris RZR PRO
4. Erick Brock and Chip MacLaughlin and Brad Christenson of Boobicon Racing/Pringle Fab #27 (Spring texas) driving a Polaris RZR PRO
5. Darius Melton and Tonya Melton of Premier 4x4 #00 driving a Polaris RZR (Hot Springs, AR) PRO
Who's #6?

OEM Class
1. Louie Keener and Heath Catron of Ballzout Motorsports #96 (Springfield, MO) PRO
2. Darius Melton and Tonya Melton of Premier 4x4 #00 (Hot Springs, AR) PRO
3. Lisa Rush and Travis Cook of Team ATF #5050 (MO) PRO
4. Judd Zembsch and Jeff Mayfield of Zembsh Racing #11(MO) PRO
5. Evan Tidwell and Eric Tidwell #7 of Premier 4x4 (Hot Springs, AR) PRO
6. Kyle Bruso and Kyle Holland of Bruso Motorsports #21 (Lavaca, AR) PRO
7. Mike Campisi and Chad Kerls of team Rock-N-Racing #317 (St. Louis, MO) PRO
8. Jarred Engelbach and David McManis and Bob Engelbach of team Chedango #88 (Eureka, MO) PRO
9. Travis Cook and Lisa Rush of Team ATF #8 (Springfield, MO) PRO
10. George Dobson and Dan McDonald of Team Sumner Machine (Tulsa, Oklahoma) PRO
11. Chip MacLaughlin and Erick Brock and Brad Christenson of Boobicon Racing/Pringle Fab #27 (Spring texas) PRO
12. Brad Christenson and Chip MacLaughlin and Erick Brock of Boobicon Racing/Pringle Fab #27 (Spring texas) PRO
13. Jay Albrecht & Barry Beadle of ? team name #232 (Tyler, Texas) PRO
14. Duane Garretson & Jeff Speer of CGYS MOTORSPORTS #26 (Alma, AR)PRO
15. Billy Gilstrap & Clay Gilstrap ? team name #46 (Lufkin TX) PRO
16. Preston Simpson and Carl Yarbrough of Old Town Customs (Nacogdoches, TX) PRO
Who's #17

Unlimited Class
1. Buddy and alt spotter of Rock Hard Racing #24 (Mabank, Texas) PRO
2. Amanda and Buddy Daugherty of Rock Hard Racing #42 (Mabank, Texas) PRO
3. Dan McDonald and George Dobson of Team Lucky Dog Racing #2 (Wichita, Kansas) PRO
4. Derek West and Richie Keller of Crush Motorsports #200 (Springfield, MO) PRO
5. Tim and Colby Cantrell and Bobby Potts of Cantrell Racing #53 (Kennesaw, Georgia) PRO
6. Barry Beadle & Kevin Barnes of On Track Krawler Team #52 (Granbury, Texas) PRO
7. Shelby Gilstrap & Billy Gilstrap & Clay Gilstrap of OTC #S16 (Lufkin, TX) PRO
8. Justin Lawson and Cody Keller of CGYS Motorsports #6 (Ft. Smith, AR) PRO
9. Tim Taylor and Carl Yarbrough of Old Town Customs (Nacogdoches, TX) PRO
who's #10
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