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i was just talking to a friend that i have not seen in a while and we were talking about jeeps of couse... and
did the wranglers have 2 diffrent manufactures of motors one being (chrysler- or amc which is 4.2) and than did GM make a motor a 4.2 for chryler??
did the 4.2 have 2 belt set ups to supertine and v belts, i am not talking about the 4 banger motor


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the 258 had v-belts till 82 or so then they moved to serpintine belts. all wranglers with the stock 258 that I have seen have serpintine belts. AMC used the pontiac 151 ci 4 cyclinder "iron duke" from 80 till 83 when they came out with the AMC 150 (2.5l) which is still used today (in fuel injected form of course) the only other GM motor used in stock form was the Buick odd-fire v6 which was actually sold to Kaiser sometime in the early 60's and eventually bought back by GM.

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Mine has the v-belts. When I replaced them they did ask if it was serpentine or not so maybe they came with both.

Also its the stock engine.

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They ran both types of belt set ups on the 4.2 L in the 80's don't know about the motors tho. In 87 they even used some parts from the 86 models too. I know cause I bought a (new) 87 wrangler with an 86 motor in it. Later.

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