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When you own a Jeep, you expect it to be able to cope with any off-road challenges, weather it's a hillclimb or slog through deep sands or anything else. Unfortunately, a stock Jeep won't be able to perform all these actions without proper suspension modifications and one of the most important elements is the shocks. Recently suspension experts at TeraFlex released all-new line of Falcon shock absorbers with a remote reservoir that are now available at CARiD. Its an entirely new product range of high performance shocks and stabilizers developed exclusively for the unique needs of a demanding Jeep Wrangler market.

These shocks are JK Wrangler-specific steering stabilizer that offers equal force side-to-side resistance for consistent steering wheel response. This allows for balanced return-to-center equilibrium of the 5/8-inch, induction-hardened, low-porosity chrome shaft that resides within a 2.125-inch-diameter 6061 hard-anodized aluminum body. Damping comes from Lucas Oil full-synthetic shock oil, and a one-piece Teflon-coated bronze piston wear band with O-ring. Teraflex's innovative mounting design helps to keep the body of the stabilizer up and out of harm's way. Watch this video and see how they perform in action:

TeraFlex® - 3.1 Falcon™ Series Shock Absorber Kit

TeraFlex® - 3.3 Falcon™ Series Shock Absorber Kit

Find more TeraFlex Products at CARiD.

Let your Jeep have the best damping characteristics possible with a set of TeraFlex Falcon Series Shock Absorbers from CARiD!
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