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PLEASE HELP. Send this out to everyone you know.....contacts needed for info on latest issues, updates, and spreading the word about actions needed.....

To those who have responded to this request: This will be our last request for addresses for some time. We know several of these have gone out in the last two weeks and appreciate your responses and patience with us while adding "junk mail" to your mail boxes.
To those who have not seen this plea, please continue reading. Thank you.


Dear OHV Friends,

CLORV is currently collecting emails to grow our base through which to disseminate information to the Off Road Community. We will add any interested party to our email list but are specifically putting together a list of OHV Clubs. We are looking for a point of contact within each club. This POC would receive all of our media releases as well as general information. In addition, it would be someone we would rely on to contact his/her general club membership to respond to letter writing campaigns and other actions needed to combat bad legislation or promote candidate support during an election.

We recently had tremendous success with our letter writing campaign to the Budget Committee that ultimately prevented the Committee from raiding the OHV Trust Fund in order to fund non OHV related budget items. Our email request to a relatively small number of people netted over 75 letters. Many came in blocks of 3-9 from OHV clubs who's principal coordinator prompted their members to write based on our contact with them via email.

Based on this success, you can see the importance of the "email alert" program.

Please consider being your club's point of contact, or forward this to your club president. We need club name, POC name and email address as well as a general address if you would like to be added to our mailing list. Also, if email is inconvenient for you, or your club contact does not have email, we will fax the alerts to your designee.

In addition, please forward this to interested parties on your email list.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Pete Conaty
Executive Director, CLORV


What is the California League of Off Road Voters?

The California League of Off Road Voters is a coordinating and lobbying umbrella organization dedicated to keeping existing off road motorized recreation opportunities open during this period when environmental extremists at both the federal and state level are attempting to close down motorized recreation in California, as well as all over the United States.
The founding sponsors of California League of Off Road Voters (CLORV) are the California Off Road Vehicle Association, the American Motorcyclist Association - National (AMA), the American Motorcyclist Association - District 37, the San Diego Off Road Coalition and the Los Pretots Desert Club. These organizations have previously lobbied at the state Capitol under the title of the Off Road Vehicle Legislative Coalition. The California League of Off Road Voters will now be the organization lobbying at both the state and federal level, because of the close relationship between the state authorized and directed Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) program and state grants to federal agencies to fund Off Highway Vehicle opportunities on federal lands.

The California League of Off Road Voters will have four components similar to the existing gun owner rights groups and which is a format also used by extreme environmental groups such as the California League of Conservation Voters.

The California League of Off Road Voters is organized as a 501(c)4 corporation to provide guidance, education, lobbying and coordinating services to the off highway vehicle community on their issues. The California League of Off Road Voters has a Board of Directors from the founding organizations, an Executive Director/Lobbyist and an Advisory Board of elected officials and prominent off highway vehicle enthusiasts.

In order to elect more off highway vehicle friendly state legislators, the California League of Off Road Voters has formed a state level political action committee (PAC) to donate money and provide volunteers to off highway friendly legislators and candidates. In less than three months, the California League of Off Road Voters PAC has raised over $15,000.00 to donate funds to candidates, endorsed a full slate of candidates starting with George W. Bush for President, to a full slate of congressional Representatives, State Senate and Assembly candidates.

The California League of Off Road Voters is coordinating the efforts of numerous dedicated off roaders working on campaigns to help elect more friendly legislators.

In order to participate more fully at the federal level, the California League of Off Road Voters will soon form a federal PAC so as to participate more fully in federal elections.

The Executive Director /Lobbyist for the California League of Off Road Voters will be Pete Conaty, the former lobbyist for the Off Road Vehicle Legislative Coalition. Pete has fifteen years of legislative and political experience in Sacramento and has served as the Off Road Vehicle Legislative Coalition lobbyist for over two years.

The California League of Off Road Voters will not replace any existing groups. It will coordinate and advise all off road groups that wish to participate in the California League of Off Road Voters using proven grassroots lobbying techniques as directed by its Sacramento based lobbyist. The California League of Off Road Voters will serve as a clearinghouse for off highway vehicle activities in California.

If you have any questions, contact the California League of Off Road Voters you may contact us, via mail, at:


1014 Eleventh Street, Suite 140

Sacramento, CA 95814.

(916) 447-1761

You may also visit us on the web at

Our email is [email protected]

CORVA Field Rep - Southern Calif.
California Off Road Vehicle Association
AMA Member
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