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I'm going to be on TV....

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I\'m going to be on TV....

I know this isnt the chat area, but this is one of the few rooms I hit when I'm here..

Well, Outdoor TV came out with us (Kern County Search and Rescue) to film us (Desert Unit) helping with mine search and rescue from Indian Wells. We have info that a recently released individual has come up missing under suspicious circumstances. So.... we got a chance to look down a few mines for a carcass... The Film crew took some cool footage of us looking down the mines and decending into one mine. No body has been discovered yet, but there are still a few mines to look at.
If you see the episode, (probably in a few months on Outdoor TV) I'm the one in the blue jacket. You may see my Honda Foreman in the background.
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Re: I\'m going to be on TV....

Cool d00d. I'm working on a buddy right now on trying to get him to join the Kern County Search and Rescue. I would really like to do it but his wife doesn't like the idea... Doesn't matter if he goes in or not, I'm still going to...

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Re: I\'m going to be on TV....

SAR is pretty cool. The Bakersfield guys seem to get a lot of time up at the River. I am in the Desert unit (Mojave Area). 4X4's and ATV's. Jawbone, Red Rock, Dove Springs is a common response for us.
You will dig it. It has been a slow year for us this year, but I think this winter buisness will pick up.
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