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ignition upgrade

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Well i finished the ign upgrade on my 258 today and i have noticed it starts much quicker than it did with the old duraspark and small cap i used the plug wires from an 89 300 six and all went well. I needed to build a mount for the tfi coil used a piece of 14 ga sheet metal and with a die grinder i cut out a hole that i could set the body of the coil in and with one 90 deg bend and two bolt holes it bolted right up to the old bolt holes. so far i am impressed with this set up. the only part that was not off the shelf was a coil mount if some one knows of an off the shelf mount please post the info it would make this one of the easist upgrades i have herd of yet. Thanks Team Rush and every one else on the bbs for all the help and great info.

an 82cj7

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Used one off an 88 fullsize bronco(302). I did have to mount it about 2" farther back but it lined up with holes in the block.

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I'm happy it worked for you.
You are very welcome. I hope it does you proud!

I'm getting between 10 and 20 emails a day saying the same thing, I'm glad everyone is happy with it so far.
Thanks for the kind words, one and all.

Later Folks, Aaron.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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