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What kind of accesories are you using when the fuse blows? It sounds to me like a short in one of the circuits that are working off that fuse. How long does it usually run before the fuse pops? Do you have a chart or similar item showing what fuses in the fuse block go to what system(s)? This will be an invaluable tool in finding out what the problem is. I doubt that it'd be the ignition switch, but if it has a short in it, it could be. More likely, in my opinion, and from the experiences I've had with wiring and fuses, it's a wire that's shorting out somewhere (this will be after the fuseblock, otherwise it'd just burn part of the wire instead of blowing a fuse). Good luck finding/fixing the problem. Hope that helped...


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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