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ignition boxes

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Anyone have experience with any of the ignition boxes(jacobs, MSD, Holley...) offered out there? I'm thinking of buying one of these. I've also heard an argument between Capacitive discharge and Inductive. How better is one over another? Anyone out there have preferences?

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Check some ot the previous posts on this board - that's an issue that's been talked about alot. I have a Jacobs, and I love it. It does just
what they claim (increased mileage, more hp, better starts), but it is a bit pricey ($350). My brother has an MSD and it works great for him.
Holley, I don't know. Any one of these though, will make an improvement if you're running stock now. Compare what each offers and what
you want to get. I know Jacobs offers a 30-60 day "If you don't like it-return it" policy (for any reason). Which gives you a chance to try it
out on your own Jeep.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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