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'88 302, will start/idle/rev fine until in drive. if i give just a little gas it will accel slowly but sputters out if i give it too much. changed gas tank with a boneyard '89 tank before this problem started. new tank had 3 pin plug so i left the orange wire off. it ran fine for a couple days. also noticed that a tube (looked like a dipstick tube ) was off from the exhaust. this is my first EFI Ford. any help and/or sugestions greatly appreciated.

9/4 Think its Fuel flow now...plenty of pressure at bleed valve when first turn key on/eng off, then drops to zero. Im thinkin new(used)tank = crap in filters. Vac/Timing OK. Will see what new filters bring me. Thanx guys.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts