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Identifying transmission AX15 or AX 5

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Im trying to find out which transmision might be in my 4.2 89 YJ. I know that during the 89 year they changed from the AX 5 to the AX 15. How can I tell which one is in my jeep. Are there any markings to look for or identifing features. Cant find any lables on it.. Thanks

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my chiltons shows:
BA10/5 - 1987-89 4.2L
Aisin AX15 - 1990-95 4.0L and 4.2L

it says there is a tag attached to the housing that identifies the manufacturer and model. in some cases, the transmission identification number may be embossed on the transmission housing.


My Jeep handbook informs the following:
Most 1987-89 Wrangler 6 cyl had the BA10.
Some 1987-88 Wrangler 6 cyl had the AX5.
All 1989-98 Wrangler 6 cyl had the AX15.

Here's how you can find out what you've got:
Put the tranny in reverse with the clutch disengaged. Rev the engine to 1650 RPM. Pop the clutch. If you hear a snap and reverse gear no longer works, then you have the BA10. I learned this twice on my 88.

OK, seriously. If I remember right, the BA10 has a case that can be split. You'll be able to see the "seam" (which runs from front to rear) just by looking at it from beneath. The AX15 won't look like this. And apparently the AX5 was not an option so that possibility is eliminated.

88 YJ w/ stock floormats
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