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I was at a friend's house this weekend, as he was going to weld in a patch plate for me where there was a rust hole under the roll cage. I was watching as he was welding along, and then he asked if I'd like to try. Heck yeah! The welder is a small, wire-feed gasless Miller MIG.

Now I knew from reading on the board that welding is tricky, but jeez! Aside from burning a bigger hole than I started with, my first welds came out like 20-guage shot. Little pellets of metal everywhere. The second try came out like cow patties. The third try vaguely resembled a bead. What I really need to focus on is going slower to allow the metal to heat up, and hold the tip closer. Also, it's really hard to see through the helmet!

Anyway, the patch is in and after some grinding it looks alright. But at least its structurally sound. In true JEEP fashion, a 3-day hurculiner project is taking 3 weeks. But at least I can continue working now!

Who needs a road...if there's a perfectly good JEEP trail somewhere else!?
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