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I've decided to swap in the Chevy 350 in my 80 CJ7. I am going to swap in a different trany at the same time, since mine is only going to get worse(SR4). I was thinking of the SM420 or 465. I am starting the search for a trany and adapter to my transfer case. I think the 465 will fit my bell housing that I have on my 350 irrigation motor, but I think the 420 will fit in the Jeep easier.

If ya'll know of any web sites that I could visit, or books I could read, it would be a lot of help. I plan on doing this swap in a few months.

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Advance Adapters (
This company makes all sorts of adapters for these kind of installations. They also sell for $10 a jeep only conversion guide which is very good. You can get the buyers guide for free which still has some pretty good info.

Here are 2 more companies involved in the conversion business but I know little about them or their kits

Marks 4wd adapters (
Novak Enterprises Inc. (

Hope this helps

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If I were going to the expense to repalce the tranny with adaptors and the whole bit, I'd look at an
NV4500 rather than wishing I had later. They're pretty high dollar but your going to spend a lot which
ever way you go.

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