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I still don't get it - please advise!

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I still don\'t get it - please advise!

This link this past week took you to Rick Sieman - Editorial Director response "To Upset ORC Readers." Now this response is gone. Did I miss something this past few days while I wasn't on the BBS? I am still unclear as to the logic and reasoning behind posting this article. I have decided not to write to him, as it is clear that he is totally right, and I am totally wrong for even thinking about considering being offended that this article was posted - humor or not.

Although I searched diligently throughout the net for the Death Trap article he made reference to, I could not find it, but that is beside the point.

Mr. Sieman said in reference to the "Eco-Nazi's," "Why is no one on our end upset about this? How many people have sent nasty letters to these criminals? Where is the rage?" I thought this was ONE of the reasons we are all here participating in this BBS as well as the Land Use BBS - is it not? I have heard more rage against the "Eco-Nazi's" in this BBS and others BBS's hosted by this site than on ANY OTHER LIKE IT CURRENTLY ON THE NET! I also don't understand his reasoning that we are "raging" (implied) against him and the ORC staff!! Is accountability for our actions becoming taboo in our camp also? Are we beginning to act like the left ourselves? My our sport rest in peace if we are.

Perhaps the editors need to find out what their "complacent misguided customers" (also implied) are really up to: Our "priorities?" Well, I don't know about you all (y'all for those of you south of the MDL) but I was under the assumption that we "tread lightly" and other such nonsense that we do now to be above reproach in our sport so we don't get hammered any more than we already do! I know several of us repeatedly write our congressmen, the USFS, and other groups that must listen to us on a very frequent basis. As far as writing the "Eco-Nazi" groups to bring them to account for their actions - it has proved to be as useless as writing one of our own.

As far as the rest of the "justification" he wrote, I just don't understand why these "leaders" of this site are caught up in a "Well, Johnny threw sticks at me first, and they were alot bigger than the ones I threw at him" mentality. If it is wrong, it is wrong - whether they do it, or we do it - and it does not matter who did it first.

Whether or not this post was humor or not is just beside the point in my opinion. The fact that the leaders of this site detest accountability from their customers is the point. The mysterious disappearance of this response is highly questionable in my opinion also. I am very upset that I did not save it to disk. Next time . . . I will.

Am I totally missing the boat here? Please ejuekayte me Big Bird and Cookie Monster style if I am - because I just don't get it at all at this point. Was there an exchange here or elsewhere that I missed that will shed some light on this subject? Please advise.
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Re: I still don\'t get it - please advise!

Jay I don't know if it's real or not(probally not) , or if you know rick sieman or his past (old dirt bike)?
While this is bad media and all It's somthing we would all love to it right or wrong.
I don't think it's true!
Most of his stories in the past (well maybe not most ,but) involved "polictially incorrect , but MAN would I love to do that stories.
I remember one "fantasy about SCHREDDING a virgin golf course on a big bore bike. Strips of green turf in the air with each gear change.
Dream , have some fun , fiction is fiction!(it even says so!)
Maybe I missed your point , but I love reading about things I won't and are'nt supposed to do./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
Rick Sieman is one of my favorite off-road writers and I'm glad to see him back.
/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gifMan you should have seen some of the old DB April (fool)issues!

Wider is better but taller is cooler!
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Re: I still don\'t get it - please advise!

Aaaaaah yes. Now I am beginning to understand this better. I still think this is a real bomb on ORC's part. If they would just MARKET this article better, I don't think they would have had the backlash they did. When you read Pat McManus - you know you are reading 90% BS mixed with 10% truth right off - because it is marketed right. Stories of the dog that gets powdered in the hind quarters with #6 makes us laugh until we wet ourselves. On the left, it is simply seen as OFFENSIVE HUMOR - even they know Pat is full of BS too. But the way this article is written and presented by the ORC staff, it is an "in your face" kind of deal.

I still stand by my comments of the questionable actions, attitudes, and answers that this staff has given though. I often think that knee jerk, emotional, belittling responses in the face of criticism reveals a lack of confidence on the part of the person making the statements. Even worse, when you treat your own customers and fellow associates in the 4wd community this way, this shows a real lack of . . . . well I better stop here or I might be guilty of implying some of the same thing he did about those of us who questioned the article. Let's just say that business ethics and common sense will tell you there are better ways to handle these valid criticisms.

Anyway, thanks for the background info on this author.
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Re: I still don\'t get it - please advise!

Times are touchy on the subject....yes.
I'm glad you're open minded..... and yes they could have "marketed it a little (oh better is all I can say).
Point being ,
think a little
wish some more
laugh a lot
think about what you read and laughed about even harder!

Even if you can't have fun for real , nobody can take away your fanatsies!/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

Wider is better but taller is cooler!
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