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Today I decided not to wait any longer for the yutz who was going to re-build my T-176/D300. It doesn't have any functional problems It's just been a bit too noisy and is laying in the middle of the garage floor anyway. I am looking for a good reference book and some encouragement. How can I tell what to replace? Does someone sell "re-build kits" that includes standard wear items? Will this be any more difficult than an engine re-build? I already own a good dial indicator and a very complete selection of hand tools, anything else this project will give me the excuse to buy? What about parts sources? I see that Quadra-tech has almost everything, are they reasonably priced for trans/x-fer case parts?

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I found this on the T-176:

And this for the D300:

I've got the same setup as you and I'm thinking about doing the same thing. I just wish I could find a good manual that explained how to overhaul them. I saw a write-up in an off road magazine a while back about the D300 and they said it was very easy to overhaul. Please let me know if you find out anymore information.

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well you can overhaul them.. but about the only thing that really wears in that d300 is the bearings.. which are located behind the yokes. you can get a rebuild kit for it.. you can also get a new d300..
what type of fluid are you running in the 300? alot of people put atf in them.. and that will cause them to be noisy.. they are supposed to have some good heavy gear lube in them.
i have rebuilt my 300 twice.. not becuase it was noisy.. because i had punched a driveshaft into the yoke.. and messed up the seal and bearings...

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My first tranny rebuild was done in an afternoon using a chiltons for directions. I payed attention to how it all looked before I tore it down. Then I followed the directions. I had no problems at all. t176 and 150 should be relatively similar. I used parts from 4wd hardware. Still running the transmission today. Only problem I had was needing to press 2 of the new bearings on. There are ways to get around using a press, but I'd just as soon take it to a shop and let them do it for a few bucks. I say if you are mechanically inclined, go for it. It really isn't too bad.

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