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1. What vehicles could I get a dana 44 rear out of to put in my 1980 Jeep CJ5. If the axle is wider than stock that is fine.

2. I just bought a 360 for the same Jeep. I have never done an engine swap so is this one easy or hard? What do I have to do?

3. Also, my friend asked me why a spring over flexes better. I know it does but I don't know why(I'm trying to convince him to do an soa instead of a 4" Rubicon Express on his Wrangler).

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I'm sure you will get some better help, but I'll just get the ball rolling.

1) Tonnes of vehicles came with Dana 44 rears, in lots of different widths. A '72-'75 CJ Dana 44 would be the right width. You could use a wide track Dana 44 from an '85 CJ or any number of other ones if width isn't a factor (Jeep trucks and Scouts for instance). I would just be aware that not all Dana 44s are good. '60s Dana 44s often have low spline counts and two piece axles. You should also be aware of wheel bolt patterns and brake drum sizes.

2) Never done it, but it sounds easier than any other swap (assuming it's an AMC 258 to AMC 360 swap). You'll need a CJ V8 motor mount on one side (use the 258 mount on the other, I can't remember which is which), a V8 radiator for good cooling (a fan shroud is a really good idea), might have to change one of the power steering hoses, lengthen the temperture sending wire and a few other minor details. If you have a standard tranny I hope the 360 you have has a pilot bearing hole in the crank, some of them don't.

3) For starters, the stock spring in a SOA is flatter than a 4" spring which means it is not as stiff (has a lower spring rate). Secondly, the flater spring can flex almost equally in both directions. The 4" spring on the other hand, is limited to the amount of droop and compression it will achive for two reasons. It won't compress as far because of what I already mentioned with the spring rate. It won't droop as much because any spring can only arc so far and the 4" lift spring is already arced when static.

Hope that made sense, I'm a little distracted right now.

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