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We have the sony here at work and for us (and me) it can't be beat. Stores on floppy so there are never any compatibility issues to worry about. Sharing photos is a snap since the camera will do a disk copy all on it's own. I can snap a disk load of pictures and make as many disk copies as I need and pass them out to people that want them right on the spot. No computer necessary. It is excellent for computer/web page work. No cables/memory disk adapters/other hoopla to worry about. Snap picture, insert floppy in computer and go to town. The floppy style sonys may not have the highest resolution available but it is MORE than adequate for the average joe that wants it for web based activities and it's ease of use/versatility can't be beat. Even it's printed photos are very good quality. You really couldn't go wrong. Also, I believe the pricing has come down considerably. You can still spend big bucks on the sony line but there should be something within an acceptable price range for you.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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