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A flash is good, and I prefer one that uses AA batteries. a 1 Mp camera is good to about 4x6 prints, whereas the 2 Mp and above is 8x10 quality. Remember, you can always scale down, never up. I find my 2.3 Mp camera is nice because I can crop out sections of the photo and they don't loose quality, and they're about 4x6 then and crystal clear.

Do a search on this, we've covered digital cameras before.

Sears (of all places), has my camera the Toshiba PDR-M60 for $300, which is a good deal. It's a 2.3 Mp camera, USB, 2.5x optical zoom, AA batteries, macro, and it takes exceptional pictures, many of which I print out 8x10 (costs me about $1.50 each). I also bought a 64 Mb card ($100) for it and can store 914 pictures at low resolution and 64 pictures at max resolution, with multiple resolutions between. What is also nice is to get one with a separate viewfinder from the LCD on the back, so it doesn't "eat" batteries. I can take about 200 with the flash and about 400 without, which means long times between recharging the NiMh batteries, which is all you should use. Also, avoid some of the "special" batteries certain cameras take, the batteries can cost up to $80 each themselves. I can also download a full size picture in about 4 seconds with the USB, on a Pentium 233 running Win ME, it takes about a second at the lower resolutions.

What are you running for a computer, how much memory, speed, and operating system? Also, what are you looking to spend for money, that'll really detrmine what you can buy.

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