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ive had this truck for a few years 6 or 8 ive put about 150k on it and its ticker is at 232k.

usualy it gets 235s and i run them till the cords show have gone through a few sets . this time i decided to change things up a little.,

so i ordered 255/85r16 toyo mts and yanked the chrome of the wheels

i think she looks damn hot for a high mile girl that has been rode hard and put away wet ;)

i plan to run this truck to 500k or so then get another 5.9 with 200k or so on it. the new trucks suck

these arent the best trucks but they have the best motor in the industry so that makes up for it. my truck is mostly all stock with a exhaust intake and some turbo mods

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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