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Ya it took awhile but there both on there and just in time for this weekend. It's a buddies birthday and a bunch of us are taking our rig back to his camp. It'll be a blast. The only problem is that now the front end is down an inch or so. oh well I'll figure out something. I'll have pics soon. and lots of them!!!!.

Sounds great. I would ask for pics, but I am about the worst guy on this board for not posting pics of my Heep LOL. I ran into the same problem when I mounted the Ramsey RE10,000 winch and built the brushguard/bumper(Mount 40lbs, winch 120lbs, bumper 70lbs). I went out to my pile of stock YJ and CJ leaf springs and found some leafs I could add to my lift springs. I bought new center pins/clamps and used the longest leafs (2 per side), and it leveled my CJ7 to where it sat before the addition of winch and bumper. It also rode alot better. This might solve your problem.

Good luck



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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