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Can anyone help us identify our crazy man of the month???
Then click on the "extreme shot of the month" and see if anyone knows this guy.

We rec'd the picture this past Winter, but I have nothing to identify it, or him. I don't even have a contact mail for the sender of the picture. I think we've accurately ID'd the location of the shot on the Rubicon's True Big Sluice though.

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That's my Mom driving that Sami and it's on our driveway. I've been tellin' Dad that those types of rocks don't make good driveway gravel.

I'm just kiddin'.

But seriously, that guy or gal has got a set-o-balls on them!

Give it to me; I'll break it.

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That is Mike Shaffer doing crack line in the little sliuce, in his old suzuki samurai about 2 -1/2 years ago
( The same sami that hit the cow in Moab). Mike old sami was the prototype to the Assassin.
Yes he did make it over the rock with out flipping
( Glenn for the full story you have to Call Mike Shaffer or email him.)

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