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When I die, I will go to heaven. I showed my wife how to change the oil in our cars today. I have never seen anyone run over their hair in a creeper before. I love my wife, but I hope that she's gonna be a better lawyer...

66 CJ-6A Tuxedo Park
78 CJ-5 Levi's
93 YJ Jamboree Edition
96 XJ 2WD (grocery getter)

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Hey Travis, I checked out your web site. You have a couple of nice rigs! As much as I enjoy racing, it seems a shame that you want to cut apart such a rare piece (the tux) and turn it into a racer though. CJ-6's are rare enough, but a tuxedo park! WOW. I would plead with you to find a different specimen to race, but it is yours. I wish you the best of luck in your racing, and your wife training! Even if they don't ever work on the vehicles again, at least they might get an appreciation of what we do out in the garage for hours on end.

Mike H.
1983 CJ-7 Laredo
1999 Dakota 4x4
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