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hey i dont have one. but i have heard that chevy columns will fit.. i think my friend has one in his.. non tilting but its a chevy.. i think.. could give it a look.. those are way plentiful in junk yards...

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I have a Chevy tilt column in my 1980 CJ7. Easy to get a hold of. Why do you want the Jeep tilt column?

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7

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Get a Chevy, according to a good source the following will work:

Manza, Sunbird, Omega are the shorter columns, tilt and otherwise

Mid 80's full size trucks and vans and "Astros" will also work although they are longer than the above.

Take your pick depending on what length you want. The GM column in my Jeep is way too long and it sits about 2 inches from my gut. I'm getting another one in the next week or so. My mechanic said the best bet is to take the column out of your Jeep and go to a salvage yard. Have them pull your choice of the above and match the length to your column. Also, I think there may be several different types of gear ratios at the bottom end of the column? Not sure, just don't think mine matches up to the gear box properly.

I'll let ya know what I find out when I get it done..

Carl, Tampa, FL, 74 CJ-5
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