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Hydrolic vs manual clutch linkage

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Which is better and why?
Thanks, Larry

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A couple months ago I asked the same question to see what kind of responses I'd get. Boy, there was a lot on both sides. The mechanical is so easy, but it does break now and then. And if it does break there may be a trail fix to at least get you home. The hydraulic though, is smooth, and as someone pointed out, I think it was Jaffer, who has a slick conversion on his CJ-7, that a hydraulic clutch is just as dependable as your hydraulic brakes, and they don't fail very often. You might search for the old posts on this.

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Found it! Cool site. Thanks Brad.

what words did u use in your search i did not find the site? with that the reason why i am asking is because i am putting a yj tub on a cj and it is almost ready to go on:) yeapie!!! and was windering what is invovled either way somthing is going to have to be midified!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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