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Hydroboost Q's

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Hydroboost Q\'s

So I have two hydroboost units sitting on my workbench. the first has the side accumulator and the flare fittings. The second has no external accumulator and O-ring fittings.

Is one style better than the other and why? I've seen both used in swaps.

I'm leaning towards the o-ring guy because the hoses match my power steering box (the pump can have the fitting changed easily). I'd hate to have to build a custom hose, only to have it blow in the boonies.

Also, the donor for the external accumulator model, was from a '75 Chevy Cheyenne. It had a great little mounting plate that bolted up to my original setup with minimal modification (drilled 2 additional new holes).

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Re: Hydroboost Q\'s

Do yourself two favors and use to easier bolted on accumuator unit and just have a hydraulic shop swap out the hose end.
The second favor is you may someday direly need an unassisted stop ...

For reference see this installation reference page I created for the Vanco's HydroBoost Kit...

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