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Hydraulic clutch on 86 CJ

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I have been looking around and found a site about setting up a hydraulic clutch on my 86 258/T5 from parts from a 4 banger cj of the same vintage, sound like a great idea, problem being the wrecking yards are bare for these parts, so I called my local Daimler Chrysler dealer, you know them, the ones with the really pricey Jeep parts,behold my surprise almost 1000 Canadian dollars. 778.00 plus 15% tax for a master cylinder,slave cylinderand hose. way to much for my tastes. I would suspect they would most likely be GM orFord parts anyway,
has anyone out there done such a swap, and know what vehicles to search on for parts to narrow things down a bit, thanks all for any help.
Tommybear 86 cj 2on the body, 2 on the springs runnin 295 bfg's(with 3.31s, and it runs pretty good)

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You may need to modify your clutch pedel also..but I am not exactly sure how...Before shelling out that kind of money check out other sources ...4 wheel drive ,or just some local parts stores should have ,or be able to get them.. I am waiting for a friend from work to swap his engine and go to automatic trans ,,,I am going to buy his clutch system.

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Don't bother with the dealer. You need to discover 4wd Hardware, Inc. These guys are the best and they have the best catalog, so don't let the weak web page fool you. Go to the web page and order a catalog. It has complete breakdowns just about every componet on a Jeep.
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