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Hub Gasket vs Silicon

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Is it necessary to replace the gasket between the 4x4 hub assembly and hub or can I use some type of sealent. A parts store mentioned silicon sealent would be sufficient, but is there a better product I sould consider?


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i would use a gasket if at all possible call warn or superwinch they can send you some but it depends what i did was us the gasket and put Indian Head gasket maker on it works great

I also try to use a gasket if at all possible, with a skim coat of silicone or gasket sealer, for things like that, and like diff covers. It's not as messy as using just silicone, and I think it gives you more 'give'.

Just my opinion,
Good luck

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i always run a sealant.. just dont over due it.. you only need a small beed around it.. for as much as i take the hubs off for service.. i dont waste my time with a gasket..

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