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How\'s this for an unexpected hazard?

I figured that since I had to replace that melted oil pres. gauge and since I had also decided to go ahead and repaint the dash (among other dash issues) and had to wait for it to dry, I would go ahead and rebuild my oil pump.

When I went out to start on th Jeep, I noticed my neighbor weed whacking his lawn next to the road. I crawled under my CJ to begin draining the oil when all of a sudden, I hear things whizzing by me. From twenty feet away, he had hit a pile of trash or something and it had launched several screws and pieces of glass in my direction, which was right towards my face as I was lying about 6" from the ground. My glasses saved me by deflecting one piece after which I rolled over to avoid any more.

Man...its the little things you hardly notice that'll get you!


Jeep...need I say more?
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