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Howell TBI kit for a 258, good or bad?

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I was looking through my Quadratec catalog tonight and was wondering if anyone knew of any pros or cons of the Howell Throttle Body Injection kit they offer in there. I'm sure it's better than my Crapper BBD, but I need a little insight before I sell the Nissan for my Warn lift, locker, and possibly the TBI.
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Hi Brian,

I've been running a Howell TBI on my 74 CJ5 with 258 engine for 3 years. I bought it mainly to improve off-road performance and it has not disappointed me. It also improved highway performance significantly. There is a discussion forum for Howell TBI users. You should have a look there. Here's a link to it:

Tim Kirby
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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