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I have one more question for you guys here. You all have been so much help I really appreciate all your input. My Jeep would not start today no matter what I did it was colder than the other night so I think that is why. Now I did not hookup the preheater, so could that cause the problem? And also where in the world is the preheater anyway? And also my oil pressure guage and temp guage do not work. I am not sure if this is due to improper install or the fact that a guage may have been fried when I forgot to disconnect the battery and I got a few sparks from the cluster. I was looking for a hot wire for power to computer. Me being stupid didn't disconnect the battery.


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I don't know a lot about the Howell FI, but I do know that cold-start is one of the problems that has plagued many an owner of their system. I would suggest calling Howell directly and joining the Howell EFI users group. There is a great deal of information there from other Howell owners. The link is I have been seriously considering Howell's system for a while and the cold start problems are really what have held me back. Good luck finding the cure for this one!

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The preheater is directly under the carb. I don't think this alone would be causing the Jeep to not start. Older cars didn't have 'em, and they started up. :| If the chokes closin', and the spark is sparkin, she's turnin', and she's got gas, she should start, or at leat buck or something.

I have heard stories of the howell having problems with different program chips, and the MOPAR MPI giving pinging a lot.

I'll keep my HEI and Weber.

Good luck

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