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ok what is a good way to water proof an AX-5, i looked around and the only way to get water into is through the shifter stick? am i correct in saying that? or is there somewhere else i'm missing, i don't have any oil leaks anywhere, i need to make sure that water can't sneak in anywhere.

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I've got an AX-15 in my '89 Wrangler and from what I can see they are a very similar design. I haven't had a problem with water coming in through the shifter, but there is a vent line that needs some attention. It is very hard to find by looking at the transmission, so I'll tell you how I found it. Right behind the engine to the passenger side you may have noticed two vent lines with caps on them. If you follow these back you will find that one vents the transmission and the other vents the transfercase. These can be run up the drain holes near the rollbar and up the roll bar pretty easily, an old-style VW fuel filter makes a great vent cap. The front-axle's vent line runs up behind the driver's side headlight and is prone to water intrusion. The rear axle's vent line runs into the driver's side cornerpanel next to the fuel filler hose and is actually a pretty good location, since the front end plows water....
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