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I'm looking for a Wagoneer non-lockup 727 to swaping into a CJ7 401/Dana 300. How do I tell a lockup trani from a non-lockup version? Thanks in advance.
-Drew M.


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the lock up style has a short "nub" sticking out of the input shaft maybe .75 to an inch long, that is NOT SPLINED, and a hole in teh center that goes all the way back into the valve body

more on the "nub" its actually the very end of the inner input shaft ( not the reaction shaft) the farthest part sticking OUT of the bellhousing:

SMOOTH lockup

the NON lock up style, doesnt have anything like this, its splined all the way out. it has what appears to be a hole, but it doesnt go very far into the shaft

you can also tell from the valve bodys, if its out and youcan view the top of it, there is a aluminum tube, in the shape of an "S" almost going across the top of the valve body

this is also the tube you can splice a servo/valve into to disable the lockup function from inside the truck with a switch, or so ive read.

77 CJ5, in a bunch of sanded and primered pieces
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