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Jeff hit it right on....

I have now set up 4 diffs, and it is still a time consuming process. But, like Jeff said - I planned to stay around 4 wheeling for quite a while, so I would rather know how to fish than keep paying for them at the store /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

I also looked at it this way - I can set up 2 sets of gears and still be less than one set of gears and the price of an install... Not only that, I get the experience to boot...

We set up some 5.29's in a friend's Toyota diff, and the pinion bearing spun on the pinion. We were able to keep the gears, but needed a new setup kit. Sure, we had to spend another $90 for a setup & bearing kit, but $90 is still less than the $300 it would have cost us to have just one diff set up...

Oh yeah, I am not sure about a 30 and a 20 setup, but I know on a Dana 44 a set of honed bearings come in real handy. These are bearngs tha have been honed enough that you can pull them on & off the diff by hand so when you are setting the shims, you don't destroy your good bearings pressing them on & off several times...

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