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How much for a 4.0 L to swap for a 4.2??

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Does anyone know a reasonable price range to get a 4.0 L from a wreck? I got a price today around the 2500$$ mark, but it seems a bit high. I'm looking to swat it for a 4.2 in an 88 YJ. I'm not sure what was exactly in this price, but I think dash wiring and exhaust, etc. was included. Is it all really necessary?



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I would hazard to guess that you'd want as much of the original wiring and what-not as possible, but that quote is mighty steep. Someone is trying to take you on that one IMO.

Last year I talked to my local wrecker and they wanted $1200 CND for a 4.0L out of a late Cherokee, it only had 50,000 KMs on it. That's about $750 US for an engine with about 31,000 miles on it. Not bad!

I have a friend who just built a 4.5 stroker for a fellow in Alabama for around $3000 CND.

If your anywhere near the border, try taking advantage of exchange rate!

BTW, go for a '91 and up, or better yet a '95 and up 4.0L.

Oh ya, I think your exhaust manifold is different than the 4.0L, and you want to make sure the computer and the engine compatment wiring harness is included and complete at the very least.

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i could easily buy an older cherokee or yj with a 4.0 for that much $$$$$ and that would give me all kinds of extra parts..that is WAY too much

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
About a year ago I ask the same question in one of the local Jeep wrecking yards here in Phoenix. I was quoted $1700.00 for the motor, a complete harness and computer with all linkages, sensors and rods that were needed to make this a complete change out. I thought this was a good buy as the MPI kit alone was around $1700.00 and I still would have to buy other parts. Of course before you start yelling about the high price, remember this is AZ. where old iron and hotrods as well as Jeeps can cost alot./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif (no rust)/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif go figure!!!!/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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I paid $750 for a non HO 4.0. It can with everything. Computer, wiring harness, power steering, alternator, starter, etc.... The HO version will be alitlle easier to intstall but don't be afraid of the non HO. The HO had a piston slap problem until 95. The only thing addition required is a bellhousing from Advanced Adapters. $340 delivered. A lot less that the MPI kit. I have a friend that bought a rebuilt 258 and MPI kit and had someone install. It ran about $5000. And now it pings like I told him it would even on 92 octane. I will be able to run 87 and no pings.

I am going to put together an article for one of these web sites if they want it.

If your going to all the trouble of putting a non-factory motor...a chevy 350 stands out....I built my 300 HP 350 and th400 tranny myself for under $1000.00 including the aluminum radiator, and tranny kit/driveshafts shortened...etc...

Built a great cooling system......and you won't be dissapointed

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Pay no more than $1000 for a complete low-mileage motor with harness, computer...they're plentiful. keep looking. For $2500 I'd expect them to come install the motor, and then some!! That's robbery..

take care,

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