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How many peaple have done Nutter Bypass?

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I was just wondering, how my people have done the Nutterman Bypass?

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I did it... and it worked well. Then I went to a GM HEI unit (which would not have required the wire splicing). IMHO the results of the GM HEI are "head and shoulders" above that of the Nutter bypass alone. The nice thing about Nutter's bypass is that you can reverse it if need be for smog inspections. If visual inspections aren't a problem, then do the GM HEI.


'86 CJ7/258/HEI/TF999/Dana44
I am using an HEI unit and a stepper motor BBD with the stepper motor unplugged. It works as well as a non-stepper BBD (which I also have, but stopped using as it was worn out and became hard to adjust idle mixture). I am very happy with the results. The BBD works well at angles, which is more than I can say for some of the carbs that people are replacing it with (Holley 2bbl 4412 for instance). Make sure the carb is clean inernally, and that the throttle shaft is not worn out. It should be easy to adjust for a decent idle. Also, watch out for vacuum leaks, esp from the intake manifold to head. Bolts seem to loosen over time! 3500 RPM power will be your reward for bypassing that stupid computer. I've been running this set up for over a year now, winter and summer can say it works well.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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