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How hard to remove body?

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As part of my Project SBC (putting in a Chevy Small Block), I am thinking of pulling the body off. I want to do a couple of suspension mods (traction bar, shocks, etc) as well as have better access to the fuel lines to install the electric fuel pump. Besides, it's time to replace the body bushings...getting kida old.

How hard is it?
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I don’t know, you might look for a better way to do what you need to. I’ve had mine off three times. When I pulled the original tub off, I had to cut a couple of the bolts, a couple off others just snapped off. I was replacing it with fiberglass, so I didn’t care. Getting it off ain’t the problem, putting it back is unless you replace a bunch of the nut plates.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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