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How good can land rovers off-road?????

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i have never seen a land rover off-roading..... so i was curiouse on how good they could do..... so i was wondering if anyone could show me some pics of some land rover off-roading.

famous last words " WARNING: Dont try this at home"
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Very well. You just have to deal with them always breaking and parts costing a [censored] load to get from the dealer. Oh yeah, and the crappy fit of everything. That and the very high cost of just purchasing them.

I worked inside a Land Rover dealership for a little over a year about 2 years ago. Not impressed. They've gone from an old school serious 4x4 to a transport for Yuppies. People still 4x4 them, but they have to pay a lot to do it.
how good can they get??
pretty good is the answer. Especially in the Mud. I have one Standard Series 2A leafer and a bobtailed (heavily modified) Range Rover. Both on V8's and both old but very capable. What i will say is this, They were both designed flippin years and years ago as "working" vehicles rather than competition ones, so (as with everything) there are limitations. Over here (the UK) Land Rovers and Range Rovers are just about the best you can get, in Austrialia the Toyota's are favorite. I understand that Jeep's are favoured for "Rock Hopping" in the US. It seems to depend on what can be got hold of for a resonable amount of the green folding stuff. Certainly both the Landy and the Rangy rarely get stuck, unless i've been an idiot and tried to do something impossible..

I'll try to dig out some Photo's...
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Something that could narrow this discussion down DRASTICALLY:

Are you looking at buying a NEW one, an '80-98 one, or a 70's-earlier one????
Series rovers (the early ones) are easily on par trail performance wise with the CJ's

The newer ones have a quite advanced suspension system with a triangulated 3 link on the rear, and trailing arms on the front. They will wheel quite well out of the box, and with some modifications and very little $$ invested they can perform great.
i dont wanna buy one i just wanted to see if they where any good cuz someone said they where. i like them an all but they dont suit my needs.
AJMBLAZER, you didnt learn much working at the dealership. Landrovers are the premier off road vehicle. Most of their sales are to militaries across the world. Some of that military truck goes into all LR's.
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