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Two ways. If it's under 50k, you can attach it as a .jpg file. Or, if it's on a web site, you need to have the exact URL of the image. Then, you need to put it in the post like this:


Except don't use the "cap" version of } & {.


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1. Type the message you want us to read.
2. Click the Preview Post button.
3. The next screen lets you read what you typed. There is a Browse button. Click it.
4. This opens a window that allows you to search your hard drive for the image you want to post (.gif or .jpg files only). Select the image you want then click OK or Open (depending if you're using Mac or PC). This will close the window and you'll see the directory to your image file in the text field next to the Browse button.
5. Click the Continue button.
6. That's all.

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I'm just checking, cuz I haven't figured this out either...okay, so that didn't work,how do I compress it so that it fits the required size?

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How to compress it varies depending on what software you use for photo editing, and that type of stuff... Basically when you save it as .jpg a compression thingee should appear asking you the compression factor/amount you want...


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