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I recently bought my first timing light so I would not have to use my friends timing light anymore. I just felt like a bum having to use his timing light all the time, lately been recalibrating everything. I took my engine to the place that built it and they reset the timing at 10 degrees initial and around 40 total advance. Everyone says that once you time the engine you should make sure that it does not ping. That is great and all but noone ever actually tells you what some of the signs of pinging are. How do you know if your engine is pinging if you have no clue what to look or feel or listen for. My ride is a little bumpy whenever I get over 60 and I feel a shutter going through the vehicle now. I also put on some new 33's the same day I had the engine retimed. I do not know if I have a bad bearing, slightly off balance tires, crappy roads, or pinging. If someone could tell me what pinging is and what the signs are I would greatly appreciate it. Engine is a highly modified 350, bored out to a 357, hi po heads from 1971, crane rv cam, flat top pistons, etc. Basically she is a tire burnin mud churnin beast and I love her in a way that you can not love a woman. Like that Quakerstate commercial when the guy is just abusin his Bronco and they talk about how the Bronco never asks for new clothes, shopping, dinner, etc. You just love a vehicle. My friend and I had this conversation a few days ago. Anyway, I would like to know about pinging so I can make sure she is good to go for at least another 4 years or so. BTW I really appreciate all of the help I have gotten from this forum, some people more than others, you know who you are, but really I would just like to say THANX for all the support.


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'Spark Knock', or Detonation, Is always a bad thing.
Even a little bit of spark knock is a very bad thing...

When you load it under part throttle...
You hear 'Spark Knock'...
Like when you are pulling a trailer or going up a hill at a steady speed in high gear, and there is a rattle coming from the engine.
Some times it will happen when you are just trying to stay at a steady speed on the highway...
If you give it a little throttle and it gets worse, but when you let off the throttle it goes away.

You may also want to look for the signs of Detonation on your spark plugs.
If you have a Haynes manual, look inside the back cover. Look at the left column in particular...
You may also want to take a magnifying glass and look for little blue or purple, navy blue, or black balls or hard 'chunky', nearly round deposits anywhere around the center electrode.
Look for broken electrodes, and broken insulators in really severe cases.

The easiest way to find out if you have spark knock or not is to buy a knock sensor from one of the catalogs.
They are pretty inexpensive compared to your engine, and very accurate.

Good luck, Aaron.

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