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How do I test my Gauges

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I rewired my Fuel and Temp gauges in my cluster and they still do not work. The scematics. They were working then they both stopped. THe sending units are in good condition. If they turn out to be bad where can i get replacement cluster gauges for my 1963 Cluster??
thanks for any help
Dan Stewart
1963 CJ5 "CAloosa Jeeper" member

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If your gauges turn out to be bad you can replace them at Four Wheel Drive Accessaries. They have just about everything that you could want for your jeep at a good price too!
I "think" it was Jaffer that said I could test
the temp gauge (on my CJ) by pulling the wire
at the sender and grounding on the motor (warm),
BUT ONLY FOR A FEW SECONDS, and if the gauge
works it should peg over.
Hope I remembered that correctly /wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif
Gary '78cj7
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My gauge diagnostics page is at
It is for later 1972 CJ's but several of the tests are still valid on your earlier model, including the test mentioned.
Note: This test should be done "momentarily" - like one second!
Test (at the gauge poles) for hot, case ground, and resiatance of the senders.
If your wiring is good, start suspecting the senders and gauges.
I don't understand when you say they "were" working. When?
Did they start working when you rewired? Did they then jump to life then cook?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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