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Can anyone tell me how to get a power sorce from a one cyl Rotax that has only the wires for a cut-off switch and ground coming out of it? I am trying to hook up lights and they are the only wires coming out of the motor, It was put into a 6 wheeler now I want lights. can anyone help? Thanks


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Unfortunately I think you will have to get a magneto that has a lighting coil in it as well as an ignition generator coil. If you knew how many windings required for your lights you could make a lighting coil by winding it over top of the ignition coil that is in there now. You need the proper wire used to make coils that is insulated with the clear coating. I think the easiest solution is to find a snowmobile wrecker in your area and pick up a magneto that already has the lighting coil in it. I imagine that most of the magnetos for a single cylinder rotax should work for you. It would be a good idea to pick up a voltage regulator as well.

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