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How do I fing out how to contact SFI hypershackles?

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I know Rosser sells the hypershackles, but how do i find out how to contact SFI ?

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Try the "4x store" in tennessee, (or some other tennessee 4x4 club might know them) i don't have a # or link

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The 4xStore went out of business, and was replaced by the "On & Off Road Store".
Yoy can try this # - it may still work: 615-791-1247
Shannon should be able to get you in contact with Jimmy or Archie of SFI.

If not, you could try buying them from Tennessee Off Road: 615-248-8638
Ask for Chuck at TN Off Road and he can get you the info on SFI.

I personally don't recommend them for several reasons, but here is the contact info you wanted anyway...

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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