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Hey there,
I am planning on putting a 2.5" lift on my 85' cj and was just wondering if I could tell if the leaf springs that are on it are stock or not. they don't look new, but If they were aftermarket, they would have been put on when the jeep was new. So they are old if they are aftermarket.
What should the ride height be for a stock CJ-7?
Did the stock leafs have any kinda shim or wedge between them and the axle? I see one (i think) and thats why I am asking.
I have assumed that the leafs are stock, but I'm just wondering.
I have 31" tires and at full compression they would rub with trimming the fender and swaybars connected.

if 31's rub, then you most likely have stock springs. if you're planning on doing a lift, whats it matter anyway?

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Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler!

the stock tires on a 85 CJ7 would be 28-29 inches...31s will
rub the fenders quite easily....the stock shackles are 3inches bolt to bolt...the springs have 4 leaves....the 2.5 inch lift should be good for 31s,but if you want to run 33s you might want a longer shackle too

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