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Hi Gang;
I have major cancer on my 85 CJ where the retractable portion of the seat belt gets mounted to the side post behind the door on both sides. The attached JPEG image shows the passenger side post in which I am referring too. What gauge sheet metal should I use to patch? How can I form the metal to fit the vertical curves to what is left of the vertical post where the seat belt mounts to? In the picture, I left the bolt in that holds the retractable unit of the seat belt. This problem is on both sides. Thanks for the input.




I would use 16 gauge sheet metal. You can make really nice bends with a sheet metal break if you have one lying around :>. I would just weld two pieces together at a 90 degree angle. I just removed some similiar cancer from my tub. Not as progressed as yours but similiar area. Treat it as two separate pieces take your time and it should work out fine as long as you don't want show quality. As far as the seat belt mounts I fabbed new ones out of some angle iron and flat bar (for backing). Hope that helped.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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