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How’s it going

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How’s it going everyone. I’ve been an avid offroad enthusiast most of my life, but coming back from a temporary hiatus after getting married, having a kid, and changing jobs. I’ve been through several builds in the past with by brother as a partner including a ‘79 Cherokee and a ‘70 land cruiser. My brother still wheels the chero and our buddy now runs the cruiser with a 4bt.

I’m straying a build of my own with a ‘73 commando. Having a wife and kid to wheel with me now I want to really get this build right the first time (or as close as you can with an off-road rig right?). My preliminary plans are upgrading the axles, LS conversion, and probably coil overs as just some major starter points. Past builds have just been the mindset of get it wheeling and as stuff breaks build it back stronger. I really want to start strong with this one and have a rig to be proud of once I get it on the trails.

I look forward to the discussions and welcome any feedback anyone has. Thanks in advance!
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