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Hot start ?

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I have a 2001 yz250f and was looking into buying a hot start but i was wondering, what does it actualy do and does it help a bit better then the lever that comes stock on the 2001 model ?
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Is the lever you're talking about a decompression lever or does the 250 have a handlebar mounted hot start lever, or does it have a hot start button or lever on the carb? I'm not familiar with the 250's. The aftermarket bar mounted hot start levers simply put the lever up on the bars so it's easier to grab when you're in a tight spot. With the button on the carb you have to reach down with your clutch hand to pull out the knob and be ready to pop it back in as soon as the bike starts, so you have to shift into neutral, and if you have a decomp lever you have to grab that to set up your start (though I can't imagine that a 250 would have a decomp lever). Relocating the hot start to the bars lets you pick up your bike in the middle of turn 1, set the hot start while you're standing it up ~ grab the clutch lever ~ and the decomp lever on a 400 ~ kick it ~ snap off the hot start ~ and dump the clutch and blast off before the entire pack gets a chance to use you for a berm ~ without ever having to let go of the bars. It's also handy if you stall halfway up an insane slope and you can't let go of the bars to restart.
I don't think that an aftermarket hot start does anything other than relocate the actuation point. All it does is open up a little fresh air circuit. If your bike already has a hot start lever on the bars I'd say that's as good as you're gonna get.
Of course, I may be wrong......I'm just making this up as I go along.
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