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Well guys the day finally came. I just went and bought the 80 cj-5 (41k original miles) that I have been ranting and raving about for the last 3 months. I love this little Jeep. So far in the 4 days that I have owned her I have put on a new water pump,changed all the hoses,broke the fan shroud, :) (sorry CjDave) and am getting ready to replace the fuel pump. Oh did I mention that 2 of the bolts broke off in the block when I was changing the pump (I love this stuff). But thankfully they left enough threads where I could still get a good ol pair of vice grips on em. I am so happy to have a Cj. Its what I grew up around and in my whole life. I have owned all together now 7 Jeeps. But I never knew how owning my own cj would make me feel. I know im in for alot of work, but I am actually looking forward to it. I was just so excited I had to let everyone know. I will be selling my 97 Tj on Friday which I hate to see go, but then again im kind of glad cause I will be rid of those nasty payments. Its nice to actually have the title in your hands. And the best part of this whole thing is I let my wife drive the Cj and she loves it. She even came in and got out a little notebook and wrote project cj-5 at the top of the page, got out a calculator, and told me to get out my catalogs. WHOOHOOO!!! She even said I could have my very own monthly Jeep allowance of $250.00 bones. Man, did I go to heaven or what. A new Jeep and my wife has this whole new attitude towards em. Before I got the Cj, she kept sayin I cant beleive you wanna get rid of your Tj and get an old piece of junk. I think the Cj has put some kind of curse on her. Anyways, im just ramblin now. You guys take it easy.

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I had to wait 30 years.....wife,kids,house,......They'll take my Jeep away when they pry my cold dead fingers away from the steering wheel! hehehe Good Luck with it. This BBS and the people that contribute are the very best in the world.

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