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Well guys the day finally came. I just went and bought the 80 cj-5 (41k original miles) that I have been ranting and raving about for the last 3 months. I love this little Jeep. So far in the 4 days that I have owned her I have put on a new water pump,changed all the hoses,broke the fan shroud, :) (sorry CjDave) and am getting ready to replace the fuel pump. Oh did I mention that 2 of the bolts broke off in the block when I was changing the pump (I love this stuff). But thankfully they left enough threads where I could still get a good ol pair of vice grips on em. I am so happy to have a Cj. Its what I grew up around and in my whole life. I have owned all together now 7 Jeeps. But I never knew how owning my own cj would make me feel. I know im in for alot of work, but I am actually looking forward to it. I was just so excited I had to let everyone know. I will be selling my 97 Tj on Friday which I hate to see go, but then again im kind of glad cause I will be rid of those nasty payments. Its nice to actually have the title in your hands. And the best part of this whole thing is I let my wife drive the Cj and she loves it. She even came in and got out a little notebook and wrote project cj-5 at the top of the page, got out a calculator, and told me to get out my catalogs. WHOOHOOO!!! She even said I could have my very own monthly Jeep allowance of $250.00 bones. Man, did I go to heaven or what. A new Jeep and my wife has this whole new attitude towards em. Before I got the Cj, she kept sayin I cant beleive you wanna get rid of your Tj and get an old piece of junk. I think the Cj has put some kind of curse on her. Anyways, im just ramblin now. You guys take it easy.

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I like the idea of the jeep notebook, I started to do that when we got our first CJ7, a '78. Here is the story, even though it is somewhat long. My husband & I had a '92 Cherokee (We both love trucks, in fact the first car I bought (& Im the wife) new was a '94 Ranger 4x4), we had signed up for a Jeep Jamboree & they said it was full, I wanted a really nice car for the long business trips I took & we still needed a truck so we decided to get rid of the Cherokee for a new '99 300M. (This was back in '98 when they just first came out) Wouldn't you know that 2 days after we sold the cherokee, the Jamboreers called & said they had room. My husband was really bummed & I understood 'cause we really wanted to get into Off-roading & saw it as a gateway to it, sooooo, I felt guilty for getting what I wanted & he was sad so I said "Well, how 'bout you go out & get a beater jeep just to do off-roading with, but it had to be street legal also". I went on a trip for about a week after that & he bought this '78 CJ7 with a 304 & Ford Tranny & 2 1/2" lift for $2900 (more than I anticipated at first) & said that all it needed was new U-joints. Welllll.......... We trailered it home & he started picking at it, that is when I got the paper out & started keeping track of the things we needed to fix. It was staggering, a whole new brake system, new tires & tons of other stuff (I remember going to 4wd hardware & spending $700). We got it all fixed & PA inspected 2 days before the Jamboree. Well, we have found a new hobby & something that my husband & I really enjoy spending time on. We still have that '78, the frame broke off-roading last year. Last fall we bought a '85 CJ7 with 35,000 original miles, we are totally frame-up restoring it (with tons of mods), Together (am I making you guys sick from the sappy crap yet). We bought a donor jeep & will use a lot for the '85 & the good frame for the '78 when we get to it. You can check out our website at

I quit making the list a long time ago because I didn't want to realize where all my commission checks go.
Good luck!

And by the way, this is my user name, my husbands is Rick W, if you see something stupid written under his name, it was probably me, not him
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